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How do you treat figures on the drum chart in big band and small group jazz? I want to provide some clarity for those of you who are jazz band educators who do not play the drum set.
Yamaha Master Educator Kevin Ford is the director of bands at Tarpon Springs (Florida) High School and the founder and director of the Tarpon Springs Leadership Conservatory for the Arts. 
In Denis DiBlasio: Jazz Saxophonist, Music Educator and Storyteller, we learned about Denis DiBlasio's background as a jazz saxophonist and music educator.
United Sound is a nonprofit that provides musical performance experiences for students with special needs through peer mentorship.  
In Case Study: Peers Support Peers at a United Sound Chapter in Missouri, we looked at how Parkway Central Middle School's band members embraced being peer mentors to special-needs students through United Sound. 
Dorico music notation software is right at home in the music classroom. Dorico supports teaching music theory and composition through its algorithms. 
The percussion family consists of vast number of instruments. In a standard music room, there will be timpani, marimbas, xylophones, bells, snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, tambourines, triangles and much more. 
We created the Yamaha Mallet Resource Guide to act as an effective supplement to any classroom method book. 
I am interviewing prominent people, some in the music industry, others not. For this Q&A, I talked to Congressman Mark Amodei. 
In Jauvon Gilliam and Eric Shin: Performers, Teachers and Entrepreneurs, we outlined how percussionists Jauvon Gilliam and Eric Shin balance teaching, performing and running their own businesses. 

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