Professional Development

Whether conducting a group of professionals or students, Jerry Junkin is committed to ensuring that musicians under his baton make an emotional connection to the music. This comes, in part, as a result of choosing the exact, right piece of repertoire for the ensemble, as well as delving into the intent of the composer to discover the inspiration for the work.
Students, leadership, excellence and passion — the core of Barry Houser's teaching, as well as his working with directors, is based on the intermingling of these four components.  
Jeffrey Grogran is an internationally known conductor and teacher who is dedicated to pursuing his craft and sharing the joy of musical excellence with young musicians. His early teaching experience taught him the importance of "getting to work," teaching grades 6-12 in a very small town. 
Inspired by his own high school band director, Larry Gookin's primary focus when conducting wind bands of any level is for the performers to "say something." Mere perfection of the technical aspects of performance is simply not enough — the musicians must make a personal connection to the music, which results in an expressive, musical presentation. Only then will the ensemble members truly experience the performance as opposed to presenting the performance. Audience members are greatly impacted by this experience, as well.
Kevin Ford has two strong tenants that guide his work as the director of bands and the founder/director of the Leadership Conservatory for the Arts at Tarpon Springs High School in Florida. First, he assists his students, and their families in understanding the connection between the artistic and music-making processes, and growing as individuals to become service-minded and compassionate people.
Richard Floyd is the state director of music emeritus at The University of Texas at Austin. He is a recognized authority on the art and craft of teaching and making music. He is an ideal director for honor ensembles or lecturer at staff development days and MEA events. Floyd specializes in challenging student ensembles and music educators alike to reach their highest level of craft and artistry.
Cheryl Floyd is at home presenting on any topic having to do with instrumental music. But as the retired director of bands at Hill Country Middle School in Austin, Texas, she shines especially bright in the realm of "all things middle school." At this incredibly challenging, yet significantly crucial, time in the lives of young music students, she consistently brings a fine-tuned balance of high expectation, passion and an extra helping of heart to each of her rehearsals. 
With an incredibly dynamic and engaging teaching style, Douglas Droste brings a level of enthusiasm to orchestral rehearsals, which stems from his inspired determination to achieve musical success for every student, at every level, in every ensemble. He is passionate about this approach and takes full responsibility for ensuring that students are motivated to perform at the highest level.
Dr. Rodney Dorsey 's expertise in music education stems from a diverse background of teaching experiences, which include teaching at multiple distinct public high schools as well as directing college ensembles for decades. As an African American band director, Dorsey knows what it means and how it feels to be a minority — a unique and motivating perspective he brings to students and teaching moments.  
Dr. Travis J. Cross is the chair of the department of music at UCLA, where he conducts the wind ensemble and symphonic band and directs the graduate wind conducting program. His diverse areas of expertise make Cross an ideal presenter for any session designed to enhance the skills of the earnest band director.

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