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Yamaha Master Educator Anthony Maiello is a University professor and professor of Music at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. 
Good things come in waves. After a few years at a new high school, your marching band is going great. The booster program is very active and has been raising money. 
Trombones are a critical voice in any band or symphonic ensemble, and compared to most other wind instruments, they are actually pretty simple machines.
UPDATE JANUARY 28, 2021: We are excited to announce that David Cutler, Serona Elton, Donny Gruendler, Jeffrey Nytch, Pamela Pike, Stan Renard and Omar Thomas are the newest members of the esteemed Yamaha Master Educator Collective. 
It's true that new waves of technology make it easier to access information when you need it and however you need it. Need to learn a quick "hack" — simply Google it, right? 
Michael Pote, an award-winning band director and highly sought-after speaker, clearly demonstrates that success in a large, high-profile program stems from understanding and utilizing the strengths of everyone involved.
It's the night of the beginning band concert, and the curtain will go up soon. You're back stage shepherding all of your students, who are bubbling with nervous excitement, to their chairs. 
In Case Study: A Las Vegas Middle School Orchestra's Remarkable Success, Kathryn Greene outlined how she took her program to unprecedented heights, despite having no prior strings experience. 
Imagine a director asking, "Can you make your sound move the same way you moved your arms?" 
The best recruiters for music programs are our current students. When re­taining music students from middle and elementary schools, your current students serve as the best public relations for your program. 

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