Navigating Moral and Legal Obligations

Peter Warshaw, fine arts director for the Leander (Texas) Independent School District, gives presentations about suicide awareness to music educators. Warshaw has lost two students as well as his wife to suicide, so he knows firsthand about the warning signs and the grief.

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Avoid Burnout

You became an instrumental educator because you love music and have a passion for sharing your talent with students. When your job inspires you, teaching may not even feel like work.

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A First-Year Map to Success for New Orchestra Directors

In the blog post, Case Study: A Las Vegas Middle School Orchestra's Remarkable Success, Kathryn Greene outlined how she took her program at Cashman Middle School to unprecedented heights, despite having no prior strings experience. She offers new orchestra instructors, a plan to help them succeed in their first year. Like Greene, you, too, can expand your program and take your students to perform at prestigious music conferences.

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Case Study: A Las Vegas Middle School Orchestra’s Remarkable Success

When Kathryn Greene began teaching orchestra at James Cashman Middle School in Las Vegas in 2006, she may have been in over her head. Not only was Greene yet another teacher in a revolving door of instructors who had tried to succeed in the position, but she had a secret that she didn't tell her students during her first year: She had no actual experience teaching orchestra or performing on string instruments.

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Build Teamwork with Drum Circles

On the first day of school, new students may come to band class and sit timidly, not making eye contact with others. If the teacher facilitates a drum circle, then by the end of class, everyone will be smiling, chatting and bubbling with excitement.

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