Kevin Ford is the founder and director of the Tarpon Springs Leadership Conservatory for the Arts in Florida. He is presently in his 23rd year of teaching in the public school system. Ford also enjoys an active schedule as a leadership speaker, guest clinician and adjudicator throughout the country. He is a Yamaha Master Educator.

Letter to Myself: Kevin Ford

Yamaha Master Educator Kevin Ford is the director of bands at Tarpon Springs (Florida) High School and the founder and director of the Tarpon Springs Leadership Conservatory for the Arts. Below, he pens a letter to his younger self, sharing advice, anecdotes and inspiration for a fulfilling career in music education.  

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Advice from Yamaha Master Educator Kevin Ford

Begin with a Question  

What has led to the greatest growth in my students and in my teaching was developing the mindset of a conceptual teacher. As a young educator, I provided entirely too much information to my student performers. 

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Develop Student Leaders

When I began teaching in 1994 at Tarpon Springs (Florida) High School, seven students attended rehearsal. The school had one performance ensemble, and the band room only opened for one period during the curriculum day. Since then, we have grown to nearly 300 students and have 10 separate performance ensembles.

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