Building the Next Generation of Music Educators

  • Jeff Coffin holding a saxophone

    Jeff Coffin: Professor Rock Star

    Despite his busy schedule with the Dave Matthews Band, Jeff Coffin
    finds time to educate student musicians around the world.

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  • a music student is taught how to hold a mallet

    Peers Support Peers

    As a chapter of United Sound, the band program at Parkway Central Middle School gives students with special neds a sense of belonging. 

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  • array of different drums

    Build Teamwork with Drum Circles

    Use drum circles to improve musical skills, develop
    student leaders, and showcase fun and camaraderie. 

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teacher in front of brass section in music room

Blending Brass

Band directors and music educators can harness the strength of brass instruments to build a powerful ensemble sound.

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Christian Howes playing the electric violin

Three Keys to Teaching

Violinist Christian Howes says to break down the music, nurture creativity and expose students to different styles.

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calculator and pen on top of budget sheet

Budget for Success

Many variables must be balanced in order to create a sound financial plan.

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orchestra director pointing to music sheet on stand in front of several violin players

A First-Year Road Map

First-year orchestra directors should try these tips. 

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Eric Shin and Jauvon Gilliam sitting in chairs facing each other

Jauvon Gilliam and Eric Shin: Performers, Teachers and Entrepreneurs

Percussionists Jauvon Gilliam and Eric Shin juggle teaching, performing, family and their own businesses with a special blend of talent, passion, positivity and determination.

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someone sitting at desk with a electronic keyboard, laptop and phone

Take Note: Dorico is a Must-Have for Music Classrooms

Dorico is an easy-to-learn music notation software that music educators can use to teach music theory and composition.

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Letter to Myself: Kevin Ford

Yamaha Master Educator Kevin Ford encourages his younger self to be patient in all aspects of his career as a music educator.

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girl holding violin singing along with other members of a mariachi group

Case Study: Celebrating Mariachi in Iowa

Band directors for Denison High School and Middle School in Iowa noted the growing Hispanic population in the area and brought its culture and music into the classroom.

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the word ASSESS spelled out in Scrabble tiles

Creative Assessment: Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning will provide inspiration to creative music students and open up a whole new world of assessment options. 

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Marguerite Wilder

Advice from Yamaha Master Educator Marguerite Wilder

Marguerite Wilder remembers the enthusiasm and passion of a beginning trombone player that led to eight years of music-making.

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mallets on a marimba

Free Yamaha Mallet Resource Guide

Download this free guide -- with exercises, scales and études -- that can be used as an effective supplement to any classroom method book. 

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