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  • Black man sitting in front of laptop and throwing papers in the air

    I Created an Organization System

    A music educator created a software program to help keep track of instruments, uniforms, finances and more. 

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  • female student playing the vibraphone

    Vibraphone Teaching Tips

    Try these expert tips on fixing common errors that vibraphone students make.

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  • books and chalk on desk with "ABC" written on chalkboard in the background

    The ABCs of Classroom Management

    Try these 26 tips to connect with your students and make your music class run smoother.

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  • male teacher speaking to students in front of class

    Teacher-Student Connections

    Your positive, supportive relationships with your students can literally make them healthier for life.

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female teacher pointing to something on whiteboard

Come Back Strong in the Fall

Start your recruitment and retention efforts with our Post-Pandemic Planning Guide.

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open laptop with notebook and violin

Online Resources

Check out this list of online resources, free lesson plans and more to help music educators.   

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weekly planner on a tablet

Scheduling Advice

Check out the precise scheduling and pacing strategy of Roma High School's band director.

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Trumpet player Sean Jones

Encourage Professionalism

Trumpet player and educator Sean Jones says that professionalism is as important as musical skills. 

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Christian Howes playing the violin outdoors

Christian Howes: Versatile Violin Virtuoso

Classically trained violinist Christian Howes breaks free of genre conventions to practice and teach creativity.

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Caledonia Community School's bagpipe group performs

Case Study: Extracurricular Ensembles in Michigan

Strike up the percussion ensemble and bring on the bagpipes at Caledonia Community Schools.

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winds ensemble practicing

Create a Chamber Ensemble

Chamber ensembles build performance and technical skills, boost confidence and connect musicians.

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orchestra performing on stage

7 Ways to Help Band Directors Tackle Strings Education

The skills you have honed to be a successful band director and performer can be applied to tackle strings education.

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Nevada Congressman Mark Amodei

Q&A with U.S. Representative Mark Amodei

Congressman Mark Amodei shares his music-making memories as a public school student in northern Nevada.

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Teacher in front of brass section during practice

Blending Brass

Band directors and music educators can harness the strength of brass instruments to build a powerful ensemble sound.

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percussion students practicing in band room

Top 10: What Percussionists Need to Know Before Their First Ensemble Rehearsal

A must-have list of practical advice for percussion students -- from resting and breathing to bringing a black towel and doing what the conductor wants.

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