Building the Next Generation of Music Educators

  • Tips for First-Year Educators

    The "40 Under 40" educators offer useful tips to new music teachers to help them through their stressful first year. 

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  • The Yamaha Master Educator Collective

    We have expanded our educator program! Schedule time with one of these 30 distinguished educators who will inspire and motivate music teachers to meet and exceed their professional goals.

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  • Come Back Strong for Fall 2021

    With our Post-Pandemic Planning Guide, start your recruitment and retention efforts now.

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  • 5 Positive Lessons from 2020

    Here is a collection of lessons that music educators experienced in 2020, proving that even in chaos, the power of music prevails!

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Meet Our 40 Under 40

Celebrate excellence in music education with the inaugural class of "40 Under 40" educators! 

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Combat Burnout

Almost everyone will experience burnout. Here are nine ways to deal with it.

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A Successful Concert

Follow this list of concert do's and don'ts to nourish your students' development.

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Wycliffe Gordon's Teaching Tips

Try these four tried-and-true teaching philosophies to grow as a music educator.

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The Many Faces of Trumpeter Allen Vizzutti

Classical, jazz, soundtracks and more -- Allen Vizzutti's career has crossed genres and his clinic teachings appeal to all generations. 

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Case Study: Peers Support Peers at a United Sound Chapter in Missouri

Parkway Central hosts a chapter of United Sound, a national not-for-profit program that provides musical performance experiences for students with special needs through peer mentorship.

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What to Do When Marching Drums Get Wet

Drums are made of wood and metal — two materials that water wreaks havoc on. When your drums get wet, you must take quick action to ensure that they are dried properly and ready to go for the next performance.

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Lab Controllers Offer Flexibility and Convenience

Group teaching is challenging. A lab controller offers music teachers flexibility and convenience.

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New to Teaching Strings?

If you are new to teaching strings, don't panic. Top string professionals offer advice as you launch into uncharted territory.

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Letter to Myself: Anthony Maiello

Yamaha Master Educator Anthony Maiello looks back on his long career and offers sage advice to his younger self. 

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Technology Tools for the Middle School Classroom

Save time and engage young learners in and out of the music classroom using free apps and web-based programs.

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