Building the Next Generation of Music Educators

  • Black Violin duo holds violins

    Black Violin Dares Students to Dream

    Black Violin received encouragement and untold opportunities as they developed their musical skills. Now they want to pay it forward to a new generation of violinists.

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  • crowd at a conference with speaker in front of the room

    5 Reasons to Go to a MEA Conference

    MEA conferences are integral to your professional development. Don't miss the opportunity to network with other music educators and learn from experts. 

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  • Christian Howes playing the violin

    Five Tips to Plan for a Guest Artist

    Bringing a guest artist to work with your students can be a win-win for all involved. Make the most of a guest clinician visit with these five steps.

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classroom teacher using an app on phone that reads the signs students are holding

Technology Tools for the Middle School Classroom

Save time and engage young learners in and out of the music classroom using free apps and web-based programs.

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Wycliffe Gordon holding two trombones

Trombonist Wycliffe Gordon Does it All

A true globetrotter, Wycliffe Gordon splits his time on a multitude of musical pursuits, including performing, composing, arranging and a dedication to educating the next generation of musicians.

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pile of dollar bills

The Yamaha Master Educator Program

Schedule time with one of these distinguished educators who will inspire and motivate music teachers to meet and exceed their professional goals. 

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digital weekly planner with scheduling and to-do list

Scheduling Advice from a High School Band Director

Try some of these scheduling and pacing strategies.

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Christian Howes playing an electric violin

Violinist Christian Howes' Three Pillars of Pedagogy

Renowed violinist Christian Howes says the three keys to music education is to break down the music, nurture creativity and expose students to different styles.

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middle school students playing the tuba

Case Study: Mobilizing a Community to Win Yamaha Instruments

At Teasley Middle School in Canton, Georgia, a new band director rallied his community to win Yamaha instruments for an expanding band program.

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ensemble on stage

The Do's and Don'ts of a Successful Concert

Consider all the elements of a concert to nourish the development of your students and enhance your audience's enjoyment.

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violin, bow and sheet of music

New to Teaching Strings?

If you are new to teaching strings, don't panic. Top string professionals offer advice as you launch into uncharted territory.

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Advice from Yamaha Master Educator Richard Floyd

Richard Floyd emphasizes that educators should always focus on the art of making music.

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Off-Season Care and Maintenance for Percussion Instruments

Keep up maintenance and care of your percussion equipment after every season to ensure that it remains in top shape.

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