• Moral and Legal Obligations

    What are the responsibilities of music educators
    when dealing with distressed students?

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  • Music Education Advocacy 2019

    Advocates traveled to D.C. and met with members of Congress
    to fight for sustained funding for music education.

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  • Larry Gookin Q&A

    Yamaha Master Educator 
    Larry Gookin shares his passion
    and inspiration for music.

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Concert Do's and Don'ts

Consider all of the elements of a concert and you will nourish your students' development and enhance the audience's enjoyment.

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5 Tips to Grow an Orchestra Program

McQueen High School director Kenny Baker offers tips on building and growing a successful orchestra program.

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Wycliffe Gordon's Teaching Tips

Apply Wycliffe Gordon's four tried-and-true teaching philosophies to grow as a music educator.

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Music Education in Japan

What lessons can we learn from Japan's emphasis on an early appreciation of music? 

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Festival Etiquette

Proper appearance and demeanor on stage and in the audience make a powerful statement about your ensemble during formal performances.

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Christian Howes playing the violin outdoors

Find a Mentor

Seek guidance from a mentor who can help you navigate those confusing and isolating early years of teaching.

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Q&A with U.S. Representative Mark Amodei

Congressman Mark Amodei shares his music-making memories as a public school student in northern Nevada.

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Timpani Maintenance: Three Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Keep your timpani in tip-top shape by resolving problems with slipping pedals, sticky pedals and gauges that don't work. 

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Kenneth Tse: Master of the Saxophone

While growing up in Hong Kong, Kenneth Tse relied on his inner drive and unyielding love of music. Since then he has risen to international prominence in the saxophone world.

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Case Study: Mobilizing a Community to Win Yamaha Instruments

At Teasley Middle School in Canton, Georgia, a new band director rallied his community to win Yamaha instruments for an expanding band program.

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Drawing Inspiration from the Yamaha Young Performing Artist Program

Calling all young performing artists to apply to be part of the Yamaha Young Performing Artists program. Winners receive various prizes, including valuable advice as they launch their professional music careers.

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