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    Keep open lines of communication with administrators and the school board to ensure they are aware of your program's plans, goals and needs.

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  • Music Thrives at a STEAM School

    At Sanders Memorial Elementary School in Florida, music thrives at the intersection of art, math and science for K-5 students.

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  • Funding Resource Roundup

    Check out this collection of resources to help music educators navigate the various grant and funding opportunities available. 

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  • Online Teaching Resources

    This list of resources, free lesson plans and more

    can help music educators as they tackle and

    embrace online teaching.   

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Access Title IV-A Funds

Follow this guide to navigate the funding opportunities that are guaranteed through the Every Student Succeeds Act. 

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Practice Effectively: Go Slow to Go Fast

Help students play music at a high level by slow practice and gradual increases in music difficulty. 

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Using Food to Teach Rhythm

Notes using images of food helps special-needs students understand rhythm. 

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Julie Hill's Unique Teaching Strategies

Use these three sure-fire ways to connect with students.

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Emily Threinen: Music's North Star

Acclaimed conductor Emily Threinen returns to Minnesota, the North Star State, as a professor and guiding light for students looking for support and excellence.

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The Venova: Game Changer for Elementary School Students

This new instrument is much more than a curiosity. It will change teaching winds at the elementary level.

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Case Study: A Successful Band Program in a Texas Border Town

A band program in a border town in Texas performs — and excels — in the same league as larger competitive ensembles.

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Electric Strings: The Power of Plugging In

Plug in and use pedals to add effects like digital delay, reverb and pitch shifter to your electric strings.

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Deconstructing Mallets: Find the Best Mallets for Your Percussion Section

Understanding the differet parts of a mallet will help you make the smartest selections for your percussion section.

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Leadership Opportunities with First Concerts

Give older students a chance to lead during the first performance of the school year.

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Letter to Myself: Richard Floyd

Yamaha Master Educator Richard Floyd pens a letter to his younger self, sharing advice, anecdotes and inspiration for a fulfilling career in music education.

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