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  • marching band performing Dia de los Muertos show with masks on

    Expanding a Program's Footprint

    A new director revitalized a successful music program with creative fundraising and buy-in from students and parents.

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  • teacher conducting in front of band with Yamaha Master Educator Omar Thomas watching with hand over his mouth

    Inclusive Repertoire

    Try these five ways to build more diversity in your repertoire.

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  • video conferencing with multiple students playing instruments

    Online Rehearsals

    Restructure your online ensemble practices to help students stay engaged.

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  • lineup of yarn-covered mallets

    Deconstructing Mallets

    Understanding the differet parts of a mallet will help you make the smartest selections for your percussion section.

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teacher pointing to something written on white board

Come Back Strong in the Fall

With our Post-Pandemic Planning Guide, start your recruitment and retention efforts now.

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Online Resources

Check out this list of resources, free lesson plans and more to help music educators as they continue hybrid and online teaching.   

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band director in stands watching band practice on football field

Tips to Reinvent a Music Program

Try these five tips to rebuild and reinvigorate a music program.

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Christian Howes playing the violin

Christian Howes' Three Pillars of Pedagogy

Learn violinist Christian Howes' three keys to music education.

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Mike Block playing the cello

Cellist Mike Block's Musical Quest

Cellist Mike Block’s output is staggeringly diverse, and he applies a high level of skill, commitment and efficiency into every style.

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mariachi band at Denison High School looking up at camera

Case Study: Celebrating Mariachi in Iowa

Band directors for Denison High School and Middle School in Iowa noted the growing Hispanic population in the area and brought its culture and music into the classroom.

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line of mouthpieces

How to Choose the Right Mouthpiece

Consider these five tips when selecting a mouthpiece for your winds instrument.

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percussionists on field with instruments

6 Keys to Creating a Game Plan for Your Ensemble

Try these tactical approaches to create a positive and healthy game plan for your ensemble.

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Yamaha Master Educator Travis J. Cross with Los Angeles cityscape behind him

Letter to Myself: Travis J. Cross

Dr. Travis J. Cross is a Yamaha Master Educator and chair of music at UCLA. In a letter to his younger self, he emphasizes the importance to always do right and seek opportunities to grow and stretch as a musician and teacher. 

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closeup of two men shaking hands

Collaboration is Key for K-12 Alignment

When you develop alignment across disciplines, buildings and age groups in K-12 music programs, keep these considerations in mind. 

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aerial photo of someone sitting in front of computer monitor highlighting something on a piece of paper with pens, papers, phone and mouse on the desk

Craft a Proposal for New Instruments

Create a multi-year replacement plan to manage your inventory of instruments.

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