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    Nominate a Music Educator Today!

    Nominations for the 2022 Yamaha "40 Under 40" are open! Help us recognize and celebrate 40 music educators under the age of 40.  

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  • show choir performing on stage

    Add a Show Choir to Your Program

    A new show choir has boosted overall choral participation at Highland High School in Illinois.

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    Lubricate Trombone Slides

    Regularly lubricate your trombone slides to keep them moving lightning fast! 

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  • happy Black woman dancing with headphones on and arms up in the air

    5 Ways to Stay Positive

    Don’t get bogged down in negativity. Instead, keep moving toward your goals — no matter what life throws at you.

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open laptop with the words "Just Start" on the screen

Bring Plans, Not Problems

Keep administrators and the school board aware of your program's plans, goals and needs.

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piano with music book

Tips for Private Music Instructors

Try these tips to recruit and retain students for your private lessons studio and to be a more effective teacher.

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Kev Marcus of Black Violin playing the violin

Pay it Forward

Kev Marcus of Black Violin passes along the positive influence of his past music teachers.

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jazz ensemble performing on stage

Build Your Jazz Library

Get these essential books and attend key conferences to learn about teaching jazz.

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Mike Block playing the cello

Cellist Mike Block's Musical Quest

Cellist Mike Block’s output is staggeringly diverse, and he applies a high level of skill, commitment and efficiency into every style.

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two people looking at various charts on smart phone, paper and laptop

Dig Deeper: How to Read Your School Accountability Report Card

Seek an understanding of your entire school and community by reviewing your school's accountability report.

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rapper J Dash

Q&A with Rapper J. Dash

Rapper, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist J. Dash has a genuine passion and commitment to help young people realize success through the arts. 

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four timpani

Timpani Maintenance: Three Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Keep your timpani in tip-top shape by resolving problems with slipping pedals, sticky pedals and gauges that don't work. 

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high school band rehearsing on stage with band director in front

Case Study: A Successful Band Program in a Texas Border Town

A band program in a border town in Texas performs — and excels — in the same league as larger competitive ensembles.

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Anthony Maiello

Letter to Myself: Anthony Maiello

Yamaha Master Educator Anthony Maiello looks back on his long career and offers sage advice to his younger self. 

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woman playing the marimba

Teaching Musicality to Percussionists

Try this four-step process to help percussion students communicate expressively through music. 

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