Building the Next Generation of Music Educators

  • Aaron Tindall's Drive

    After working his way to the top
    of the tuba profession, Aaron Tindall
    expects the same from his students. 

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  • Q&A with Elizabeth Lolli

    The superintendent of Dayton Public Schools
    her musical memories and why she
    fights for music education.

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  • 6 Tips for Ear Training

    Try these tips for ear training and
    intonation and get serious results.

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Band Directors Can Tackle Strings

The skills you have honed to be a successful band director and performer can be applied to tackle strings education.

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Mater Dei's Mentor Program

Mater Dei High School students learn to be leaders as they partner with younger musicians from the school's Music Academy.

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Build Bridges

Music educators must forge partnerships to ensure that their music programs prosper.

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Teaching Tips from Black Violin

Kev Marcus passes along the positive influence of teachers from his past.

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How Trumpeter Sean Jones Gets Respect

No matter the venue -- classroom, concert hall, recording studio or small club -- people notice and pay attention to  trumpeter Sean Jones, who exudes a quiet, but powerful, strength. 

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Use Creativity to Make Rehearsals More Meaningful

Capture your students' attention with consistency as well as some sparks of ingenuity.

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What to Do When Marching Drums Get Wet

Drums are made of wood and metal — two materials that water wreaks havoc on. When your drums get wet, you must take quick action to ensure that they are dried properly and ready to go for the next performance.

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Take Note: Dorico is a Must-Have for Music Classrooms

Dorico is an easy-to-learn music notation software that music educators can use to teach music theory and composition.

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Q&A with Rapper J. Dash

Rapper, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist J. Dash has a genuine passion and commitment to help young people realize success through the arts. 

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Case Study: Building a Band Program from Scratch

Yamaha Master Educator Daniel Berard started the music program at a brand-new high school. His tips can help new and established programs.

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High School Student Leaders Can Help Recruit Younger Music Students

Use current high school students leaders to recruit and retain music students from elementary and middle schools.

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