Building the Next Generation of Music Educators

  • Online Teaching Resources

    Music educators transitioning to teaching online can rely on a host of resources, free lesson plans and more.   

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  • How Sean Jones Gets Respect

    No matter the venue -- classroom, concert hall, recording
    studio or small club -- people notice and pay attention to 
    trumpeter Sean Jones, who exudes a quiet, but powerful, strength. 

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  • Five Tips to Plan for a Guest Artist

    Bringing a guest artist to work with your students can be a win-win for all involved. Make the most of a guest clinician visit with these five steps.

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Become a United Sound Chapter

With a few simple steps, you can start down the road of becoming a United Sound Chapter.

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6 Tips for Ear Training

Try these tips for ear training and intonation and get serious results.

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Tindall's "10 Rules"

Aaron Tindall's rules for his classes require relentless effort and focused planning. 

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Get Parents Involved!

Reap the benefits when parents are engaged in their children's musical growth.

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Case Study: Summer Percussion Camp in Fort Worth

An army of volunteers and community partnerships transform Bass Performance Hall, an opulent opera house, into a tuition-free classroom for a summer percussion camp.

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Percussionist Julie Hill Brings the World Home

After traveling the world and immersing herself in varied styles of music, Julie Hill returned to her roots in Tennessee to make percussion music more accessible for students of all backgrounds.

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Find a Mentor

Seek guidance from a mentor who can help you navigate those confusing and isolating early years of teaching.

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Teach Your Students the Best Way to Oil Valves

Students should know how to properly oil piston valves to solve sticky valve problems.

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Q&A with Marguerite Wilder

Seeing students' "aha moments" when they connect with music is what drives Yamaha Master Educator Marguerite Wilder to fight for music education.

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Pros and Cons for Pickups, Microphones and Electric Strings

When you need to project more sound from your violin, viola or cello, try a pickup, microphone or an electric instrument. 

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Craft a Proposal for New Instruments

Create a multi-year replacement plan to manage your inventory of instruments.

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