• Create a Stress-Relieving Routine

    Anchor your day with a stress-relieving routine. A schedule
    with pockets of time carved out for self-care is vital.

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  • Get ESSA’s Title IV-A Funds

    Funds are allocated annually for the Every Student Succeeds Act's Title IV-A grant program -- so ask and keep asking for money for your program.

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  • Online Teaching Resources

    This list of resources, free lesson plans and more

    can help music educators as they tackle and

    embrace online teaching.   

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Funding Resource Roundup

Check out this collection of resources to help music educators navigate the various grant and funding opportunities available. 

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What is FPNDoC?

During the First Performance National Day of Celebration, beginners can showcase their musical skills and get a much-deserved boost of confidence.

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Fix Winds in a Pinch

Build a toolkit and sharpen your skills to make small repairs to woodwinds and brass instruments.

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Transport Equipment

How a volunteer instructor moves drumline equipment for a percussion summer camp.

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Electric String Ensemble Checklist

Interested in adding an electric string ensemble to your music program? Here's what you'll need to get started. 

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Christian Howes: Versatile Violin Virtuoso

Classically trained violinist Christian Howes breaks free of genre conventions to practice and teach creatively.

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Case Study: Music Program Teamwork in Tennessee

In the Ravenwood High School music department, partnership is a three-way street as the orchestra, choral and band programs work together to give students opportunities for success. 

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The United Sound Method for Private Lesson Teachers

Private lessons teachers can apply United Sound techniques to promote inclusion in their programs by having student leaders act as peer mentors to special needs music students.

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Q&A with Yamaha Master Educator Marguerite Wilder

Seeing students' "aha moments" when they connect with music is what drives Yamaha Master Educator Marguerite Wilder to fight for music education.

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Inclusive Repertoire

Repertoire should include and celebrate multiple voices of representation, according Dr. Emily Threinen from the University of Minnesota.

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Leadership Opportunities with First Concerts

Give older students a chance to lead during the first performance of the school year.

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